(From ABC News)

Executives at a bank in China are in hot water after a video showing employees being spanked (Watch the video) for poor performance was posted online.

Eight bank employees were struck repeatedly with a stick on stage in China’s Changzhi city

The employees from the city of Changzhi were taking part in a performance training session with more than 200 of their peers.

Eight employees stand on a stage in the video, and are then asked by a man with a microphone why they ranked last in the day’s training, People’s Daily reported.

The man then struck each employee on the buttocks multiple times with a stick, as their co-workers watched on.

One employee jumped out of the line after being struck twice in quick succession, and the man raised his voice at her when she tried to protect herself with her hands.

Local media reported that 16 employees also had their heads shaved as punishment during the training session. Read More

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