battleship island

Hwang Jung-min, Song Joong-ki, So Ji-sub and Lee Jung-hyun have captured the top acting slots of the highly-anticipated movie “Battleship Island.” Another important piece of information is that the filming for the movie has already begun and is under way, blocking the chances of Song Joong-ki making public appearances to enthral the fans.

South Korean star Song Joong-ki, who attained Asian fame after the military-romance drama “Descendants of the Sun” became a grand success, will end his string of fan meetings on Saturday. He started his eight-city Asian tour in Bangkok in May. He then covered Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chengdu, where Song Hye-kyo made a guest appearance and made the show memorable. It will all culminate in Taipei.

CJ Entertainment confirmed that filming was launched on June 17 at Chungju in North Chungcheong province, beginning with the scene where Lee Kang-ok, played by Hwang Jung-min, is begging to be given a job in Japan.

“Battleship Island,” directed by Ryu Seung Wan of “Veteran” fame, takes place during the Japanese colonial era and tells the story of how 400 Joseon people bet their lives and attempt to escape Hashima Island, where they were forcibly displaced. It will depict the unknown history behind the actual Hashima Island, also known as Gunkanjima or Battleship Island, where thousands of conscripted Joseon people were forced to work to death during the Japanese colonial era.

Song Joong-ki will transform into independence fighter Park Moo-young, who infiltrates the island in order to rescue important figures of the independence movement against imperial Japan, Soompi reported.

Hwang Jung-min will play the role of Lee Kang-ok, a hotel bandmaster who believed he was being sent to Japan, but instead was scammed and sent to the island. This film marks the second time the actor will be working with director Ryu Seung-wan.

Officially KMusic quoted Seung-wan as saying, “I’m happy because the first filming went smoothly, similar to flowing water. It’ll most likely become difficult, but I believe that we will continue making good progress as we continue.” “Battleship Island” is slated to premiere sometime in 2017 in South Korea.

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