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Thanks to “Descendants of the Sun” fame and their own charm, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo have become the most powerful actor-brand ambassadors.

According to a report, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo ranked first and second, respectively, for brand power among actors in the month of June.

From May 10 to June 11, the Korean Business Research Institute gathered 34,875,645 pieces of data from 17 different well-loved actors in order to come to this conclusion, Soompi reported. Brand power normally analyzes consumers’ actions to measure participation value, communication value, media value, community value and social value. For this list of actors’ brand power, social value was not measured.

Song Joong Ki’s score showed a 49.48 percent increase from last month’s score. Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo’s score indicated a 42.51 percent increase from last month, the report added.

While the so-called ‘KiKyo’ fans are eagerly waiting for the “Descendants of the Sun” super-stars to open up on their rumoured relationship, this piece of news that shows that ‘Song-Song’ couple are inseparable even on popularity charts brings them joy.

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