Song Hye-kyo

During the filming of American movie “Make Yourself at Home” in 2008, South Korean star Song Hye-kyo lived up to the movie name, by purchasing a luxury condo in New York City. Located at The Sheffield and overseeing Central Park, the condo has often been credited as the “house of CEOs” as it lies in the center of Manhattan and costs $2.8 million.

Now, Song Hye-kyo has been credited as the “Queen of real estate” in tvN’s “The List 2016” show. According to Officially KMusic, the June 20 episode ranked stars who have been prosperous in real estate investments abroad. Hye-kyo was among the named Korean celebrities and ranked nine.

This apart, Hye-kyo also owns an 8.5 billion won (about $7.32 million) mansion and a 9 billion won villa (about $7.81 million). Other celebrities that were included on the list include Lee Soo-man, Han Ye-seul and Han Ji-hye.

Other celebrities on the list included Lee Soo-man, Han Ye-seul and Han Ji-hye. The program confirmed that the renting price of Hye-kyo’s Manhattan place is currently 7.7 million won (approximately $6,675) per month.

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