SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctors” is making waves. It revealed some of the behind-the-scenes cuts for the most-watched moment of the drama, so far.

A boxing scene in Episode 4 aired on Tuesday recorded the show’s highest viewership ratings, 23 percent. Yoo Hye-jung (played by Park Shin-hye) and Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) engage in a boxing match.


According to staff accounts and as reported by Soompi, the two actors were all smiles during rehearsal, making sure they didn’t hurt one another while applying headlock and delivering blows.

The production staff were quoted as saying: “[Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won’s] chemistry on set is really good. Even while on standby, the two are always talking and they give each other shoulder rubs when shooting action scenes. Thanks to them, the atmosphere on set is great and it transfers to the screen as well.”


Now, Shin-hye will have to keep up her promise and she will. Earlier, she had promised that she will present fans with a special performance of TWICE’s “Cheer Up,” if the viewership ratings of “Doctors” cross 15 percent. On Tuesday, it was 15.6 percent and her representatives confirmed to Star News, “Park Shin-hye is planning to keep her promise at the drama set this week. Her dancing to ‘Cheer Up’ will be aired through Naver’s ‘V App Live’ as promised.” But will it reach the “Descendants of the Sun” success?

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