As the most-awaited premiere of “Bounty Hunters” nears, there are some interesting revelations from Lee Min-ho. He has reportedly spilled the beans about his awkwardness related to Chinese. Just five days back, Girls’ Generation’s Im Yoona pulled off a rather impressive performance by showing off some of her Chinese language skills.

At her first solo fan meeting in China, she didn’t even need a translator and performed well-known Chinese songs. But Lee Min-ho found it hard to express his ideas and opinions in Chinese.

Speaking before a dominatingly Chinese crowd, Lee admitted that speaking Chinese wasn’t easy for him, Yibada reported. “I wanted to communicate with my fans, so I tried memorizing several lines but it was so hard. So, now I just use Korean.”

On the other hand, fans were impressed with Im Yoona. AllKpop reported that as she talked to the MC without a translator, fans shouted out, “You’re so good at Chinese!”

On his experiences filming the Chinese movie, Lee Min-ho said, “At first I was worried about the unfamiliar environment and the language, but I got used to it once filming started. Communicating with the actors wasn’t much different as how it is in Korea, so it wasn’t particularly difficult.” AllKpop reported that Lee Min-ho expressed frustration on using Chinese.

Lee has been promoting his upcoming action film across China. He attended two promotional road shows in Xi’an and Fuzhou on June 23 and 24, respectively. “Bounty Hunters” is set for a July 1 release.

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