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With a slender face and a stronger gaze, Park Shin-hye sports a different look in the just-released stills of “Doctors,” in which she is the lead star.
Park Shin-hye
Shin-hye has said bye-bye to the baby fat on her cheeks, as revealed by stills from the set ahead of the premiere of SBS’s “Doctors.”
Photos of her filming the drama have been uploaded on an online community, stirring talks of how much slimmer her face has become, Soompi reported. Yet, she is as stunning as always, captivating her fans.
Park Shin-hye in pinocchio
In her previous projects “Pinocchio” and “Heirs,” Park looked soft. The actress stars alongside Kim Rae-won in SBS’s “Doctors,” a mini series set to premiere on June 20.

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