As you are reading this article slide your fingers just above the right-front pocket of your jeans. In all probity, you will find a tiny little pocket there. Have you ever stopped a while to think why that so-called fifth pocket was there in the first place?

Even if you wanted to find a use for it and slid some coins into that pocket, it becomes extremely difficult to retrieve them. Fingers get stuck. So what is that for? Does it have any use or is it just a style statement?

Actually, those so-called fifth pockets had a use during the early days of jeans around the 18th century. According to Levi Strauss, the company credited with the invention of blue jean, it was “originally included as protection for pocket watches, thus the name.” It was put into design to protect cowboys’ pocket watches from falling out of the pants as they rode around on horses or worked on their ranches, ToI reported. Wrist watches replaced pocket watches and now mobile phones are replacing them. But those pockets stayed, adding some style.

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