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A leading dissident lawyer in China is prepared to face the consequences over his new book predicting the possible collapse of the ruling Communist Party, his tearful daughter said Tuesday.

Grace Geng holds her father’s book “A Human Rights Lawyer under Torture – the auto narratives of Gao Zhisheng” in Hong Kong

Gao Zhisheng has been under house arrest since 2014 after serving a three-year prison term on subversion-related charges — a sentence which sparked an international outcry.

Daughter Grace Gao said the 52-year-old was about to publish a book written in custody and was ready to accept the consequences.

“He told us we (the family) should be prepared. To him he is physically and mentally prepared,” the 23-year-old told a press conference.

Gao has indicated he is determined to sacrifice his freedom despite being separated from his family, she said, bursting into tears. Read More

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