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As the Shanghai Disney Resort has begun its six-week pre-opening series of trial operation, there is a huge rush. Since May 7, the day when it opened, about 960,000 people have visited the park.

Come visit the resort and have fun but don’t forget to carry a hefty purse. As the crowds are closing in on Shanghai, food prices at the park are flying high. Taste this, a turkey leg costs 55 yuan ($8.4) and one cookie costs 25 yuan ($3.8). That’s quite higher than normal, Yibada noted.

Two bowls of noodles, one cup of coke and one basket of pork buns cost 180 yuan ($28), while they usually charge less than 100 yuan ($15) in total at an ordinary Chinese restaurant.

The resort expects at least 30 million visitors this year. It will welcome its first official guests on June 16.

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