It looks like Samsung is upgrading its smartwatch series.

The company has filed a patent application to integrate a projector into its smartwatch. This innovative concept may possibly turn the wearer’s hand or any surface into a display.

Samsung’s smartwatch will be equipped with a built-in camera to capture users’ actions as they navigate the projected interface.

The idea is to make it easier for the user to navigate a smartwatch without relying solely on its small display.

The smartwatch will also be equipped with a built-in camera to capture users’ actions as they navigate the projected interface. A processor will detect the image, interpret the user’s gestures and will display them on the smartwatch screen.

The embedded projector will come in handy for apps like Maps.

As per the diagrams shown in the patent, Samsung’s smartwatch could easily project images or content on any nearby surface, including your fingers.

The company said in its patent application: “The wearable device may be a smart watch device and may include a display configured to display a UI screen. The detecting may include detecting a body area of the user as the target area from an image captured in any direction based on a wrist area of the user at which the smart watch device is worn, and projecting the virtual UI screen that is formed by reconfiguring the UI screen displayed by the smart watch device to correspond to a shape of the body area of the user, onto the detected body area.”

The virtual UI screen may be formed by enlarging and reconfiguring a UI screen of the wearable device based on at least one of the shape and the size of the target area, and the enlarged UI screen may be projected onto the target area, Samsung added in its patent.

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