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It isn’t funny! Stand-up comedian and actor Kapil Sharma has drawn unfavourable criticism for what is termed as a vulgar portrayal of nurses on his comedy television show.

Paramedics in Amritsar are furious over the “demeaning” depiction of nurses in Kapil’s weekly television show and have hit the streets to protest, India Today reported. The protesting nurses burnt Kapil Sharma’s effigy and have also threatened to file a police complaint against him for depicting them in a vulgar way on his show, media reported.

The protesting medical staffers also criticised cricketer-turned-politician and former Amritsar MP Navjot Singh Sidhu for being part of the show.

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Kapil, on his show, presented their profession in a bad taste. Kapil is often seen implying that nurses were of “loose character” and “easily available”. Punjab Nursing Association president Raj Bedi Anand demanded an apology from Kapil Sharma. The protesting nurses also objected to the uniform worn by Rochelle Rao, who plays the role of a nurse on The Kapil Sharma Show.

West Indian player Dwayne Bravo and Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon had also participated in Kapil Sharma’s show. Bravo, who is playing in the IPL currently, created quite a stir with his smooth moves on the field and the ‘Champion’ song. But at the Kapil Sharma show, Bravo showed a totally different side of his personality, India TV News reported.

While the leaked video has caused quite a stir, the controversial episode will get aired this week, Indiatimes reported. Kapil Sharma has courted controversies in the past, too. A report in Hindustan Times, quoted Raj Bedi, saying, “How can Sidhu be part of a show like this that demeans someone’s profession? He keeps laughing at jokes made about the medical profession, including those on doctors, even when his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu (Amritsar-East MLA) is a doctor. We as a community expected that Sidhu would not support this nonsense and such vulgar jokes. Nurses have been objectified on the show since its beginning.

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