(From Reuters)

The purported personal details of numerous Chinese business moguls and politically-connected elite have been posted to an anonymous Twitter account, an embarrassing leak for authorities that has raised concerns about the security of official records.

The data disclosure, including national identification numbers, birth dates and addresses, would be one of China’s highest profile such public leaks of sensitive data if accurate.

Alibaba Holdings Chairman Jack Ma

Among those whose personal data was exposed were China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, and Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of the Chinese tech giant, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, both of whom are known to be politically well-connected.

Reuters could not independently confirm the accuracy of the data exposed in a series of Twitter posts this week, published under the handle @shenfenzheng, which means “identity card” in Chinese.

However, Sima Nan, a television pundit and vocal backer of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, told Reuters that his personal identification number was revealed before the Twitter account became inaccessible. Read more

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