Wooing China has become a custom for Hollywood.

The next movie to hit the theaters in China is ‘Warcraft,’ a movie based on a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). What is unusual is that the movie will be released in China on June 8, two days prior to the US audience.

The ‘Warcraft’ movie will be seen in 3D.

One cannot blame Hollywood for the early release. The fact is  the game World of Warcraft, fondly called the WoW, is a big hit in China. In fact, the Chinese make up  about half of the 5 million WoW players around the world.

The Chinese gamers are addicted to WOW that one player died in a cyber cafe while playing the game non-stop for nineteen hours.

Besides the huge fan base, Legendary Entertainment studio, which produced the movie, has been a subsidiary of the China-based Wanda Group since January this year.

However, ‘Warcraft’ is not the first Hollywood film to release in China before the US. Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Penguins of Madagascar,’ and ‘Iron Man 3’ also saw an early release in China.

The release date on June 6 also coincides with the ‘Dragon Boat Holiday.’ This might bring more Chinese viewers to the theaters, thereby making ensuring maximum collection at the box office.

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