Minor tremors were felt in Japan earlier this week and no damage was reported. But a pair of pet pooches residing in the quake-prone zone, could not take it lightly and panicked. Their reactions were captured in a snap and posted on Twitter.

Another photograph of the same dogs shows them as calm and composed during normal times. It’s widely known that dogs react more quickly to earthquakes than human beings. Whether this is due to their superior powers of sensory perception or the advance warning they get from a secret, canine-only social networking system is unclear, but the result is that by the time you first notice the tremor, your dog may already be in full-on panic mode, Rocket News 24 reported.

Minor tremors were felt in Tokyo and other cities in eastern Japan on Monday, but the owner of the pooches who calls himself Aobeko on Twitter was trained to remain calm under emergency situations. His pet dogs, however, were not. Their absurd reactions to seismic activity prompted Aobeko to capture their reactions and later convert them into viral posts on the micro-blogging network.

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