Starbucks seems to be fond of its Japanese customers.

Recently, the coffeehouse chain put its Frozen Drink Maker up for sale in Japan, and it is doing good business.

Starbucks’ limited edition Frozen Drink Maker costs $25 in Japan.

This initiative, however, is not freshly brewed. Starbucks introduced the drinkware lineup in May last year, and the limited edition mugs sold out like hot cakes.

The re-entry of  Starbucks’ Frozen Drink Maker now has created a lot of buzz in Japan. Several videos and photographs of the gadget are trending on social media.

Here’s how people are using Starbucks’ Frozen Drink Maker.

Starbucks’ Frozen Drink Maker was designed by its kitchenware division. It consists of two components: A holder mug and a cup that goes inside it. The cup must be chilled in a freezer and later popped into the mug.

With Starbucks’ Frozen Drink Maker, one can whip up a frothy frozen match latte, juices, cold coffee blends and iced tea. And of course, Frapuccino becomes child’s play.

The Japanese have always been fond of making frozen drinks at home. However, this kitchen gadget from Starbucks will add extra zing to the homemade drinks.

Starbucks’ limited edition Frozen Drink Maker comes in three colours: Yellow, white, and light blue. It is sold in Japan for $25.

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