Japan has come up with a unique mask that will help stretch and train your facial muscles.

Facial Expression Exercise Mask
Facial Expression Exercise Mask is made of elastomer materials.

The mask which looks like a muzzle can be worn around the ears, and its design is simple, original and visually arresting.

Once you wear the Facial Expression Exercise Mask, all you need do is open and close your mouth to stretch and train your facial muscles.

The design of the mesh-style mask will help combat signs of aging and sagging skin. It is especially effective at fighting the onset of nasolabial folds, also known as laugh or smile lines.

Comfortable to wear, the elastomer materials stretch to fit almost any face shape or size.

The manufacturer recommends using the mask for 3 minutes per day for the best results. This beauty mask is available for $38  at Japan Trend Shop.

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