Scores of Chinese Hallyu fans gathered at the three-day trade fair in Shenyang, China, on Thursday.

The trade fair at Shenyang on Thursday saw many small and mid-size South Korean firms selling clothing, accessories, cosmetics and household appliances.

This time, the trade show featured over 110 South Korean brands, both big and small, and sold items that the Chinese fans have only seen on the television screens.

While big names like Samsung Electronics showcased their innovation in virtual reality, small and mid-size firms, riding on the K-pop wave, showcased products like clothing, accessories, cosmetics and household appliances.

Korean dramas have always been a big hit with the Chinese audience. The recently concluded ‘Descendants of the Sun’ is a case in point. The lipstick and clothes worn by Song Hye-kyo, the show’s lead actress, has become a rage in China. Many young Chinese women are specifically looking at the shades of lipstick and bags she used in the ‘Descendants of the Sun.’

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SM Entertainment, a K-pop entertainment firm, unveiled merchandise featuring the images of their singers. This was a big hit among the shoppers.

In his opening remark at the trade show, Joo Hyung-hwan, South Korea’s minister of trade, industry and energy, said the exhibition would become a “starting point to explore consumer markets in northeastern China with the help of hallyu marketing.”

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