The structure was being dismantled on a street dedicated to North Korea’s scientists

(From UPI)

By Elizabeth Shim

A building in Pyongyang allegedly collapsed, leading to the death of “hundreds,” according to a source on North Korea.

A North Korean guard tower, next to dilapidated houses, guards the border near the North Korean city Sinuiju. A building in Pyongyang collapsed due to overdeployment of manpower on site, a source on North Korea told South Korea press Thursday.

The report from South Korean news network Channel A stated the accident occurred on April 10, five days before North Korea’s observance of the “Day of the Sun,” or founder Kim Il Sung‘s birthday anniversary.

According to the source, the accident was thoroughly covered up. The building was located on Ryomyong Street, or “Avenue of Dawn,” a new residential district near Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the mausoleum of Kim Il Sung.

The building, located between Kumsusan and the Youngsaeng Tower, a landmark in Pyongyang, was in the process of being taken down when the accident occurred.

“Due to lack of equipment and skilled labor, too much manpower was deployed at the site. Workers were dismantling the buildings with their bare hands,” the source said.

The building’s framework crumbled but no rescuers were deployed to the site for 10 days, the source said, making it likely many victims of the collapse died at the site. Read more

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