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Nepal risks more turmoil if it fails to address the demands for greater representation of minority ethnic Madhesis in the new constitution, the International Crisis Group (ICG) said on Tuesday in a report that drew criticism from the government.

Ethnic Madhesis will become radicalized if Nepali parties do not involve them in fruitful charter talks

More than 50 people have died in protests since September in the Tarai, or Madhes, a region in Nepal’s southern plains bordering India, overshadowing the first post-monarchy constitution.

The charter was the final condition of a peace deal between the government and Maoist rebels, which ended a decade-long rebellion in the Himalayan nation in 2006.

But many Madhesis want the region, which is home to half of the country’s 28 million people, to become an autonomous state within Nepal and not be broken up into parts of six of the seven federal provinces as envisaged in the new constitution.

The ICG said in its report (www.crisisgroup.org) the depth of social discontent, lack of fruitful negotiations and disillusion among the Madhesis with the parties that represent them was creating room for radical positions. Read More

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