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North Korea said Thursday it wanted to set up a meeting — in Seoul if necessary — between a dozen recent defectors and their parents to prove Pyongyang’s claim that the former were abducted by South Korea.

North Korean waitresses working in China defecte to South
North Korea says the 12 waitresses working in a China restaurant were tricked into defecting by South Korean spies

Twelve women working as staff in a North Korean restaurant in China arrived in the South, along with their manager, earlier this month.

Seoul said they came voluntarily, while the North insists they were tricked into defecting by South Korean spies who effectively “kidnapped” them with the connivance of the manager.

A spokesman for the North Korean Red Cross said the parents of the 12 staff were demanding “direct contact” with them as early as possible.

“We will send the parents to Panmunjom or to Seoul, if necessary, so that they could meet face to face with their daughters,” the spokesman said in a statement carried by the North’s official KCNA news agency.

Panmunjom is the UN truce village situated on the inter-Korean border. Read More

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