The most sought-after Asian actor today is Song Joong-ki. He is the charming lead star of the ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ or ‘DOTS’, as his fans call it.

His name search on Google throws about 4.75 lakh results. He has over 100 fan pages dedicated to him on Facebook. He is currently trending on Twitter under the hashtags #Yoosijin, #Descendantsofthesun and #KangMoyeon. In fact, the charismatic actor has inspired his own emoji on Twitter.

Emojis of Yoo Si Jin are trending on Twitter

Despite all the ‘trending’ on social media, Song Joong-ki does not have an account on any of these platforms.

His friends and fans are curious about the star’s absence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“The reason is quite simple. I am not tech-savvy. I do not know how to use these social media sites,” Song Joong-ki told a Korean news website. His fans, on the other hand, are yearning for the star to show up on at least one of these platforms so that they could ‘friend’ him or ‘follow’ him.

“I would love to see him on Facebook or Instagram. Song Joong-ki is nice. I love his smile. When he smiles, it makes me happy. I love everything about him,” says Yim Smile, a fan from Thailand.

Philippines-based Ria Aquino, a member of the Facebook group titled ‘Descendants of the Sun Kdrama Club, says,  “If he’s active, he will definitely respond to his fans. But he is busy with his career and I am happy that his projects are a success.”

Susmita Dey, an ardent fan of ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ from India, says she wants the actor to be accessible on social media. “We know the Yoo Si Jin side of him. We would love to know the real Song Joong-ki We want to know how he is and what he thinks. It would be fun if he gets active on social media.”

The growing popularity of  Song Joong-ki was visibly evident when he was  chosen as the honorary ambassador for South Korean tourism.

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