When episode 13 of the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ aired on KBS2 on Wednesday, not everyone was happy.

The cliffhanger moment showed an unconscious and fatally wounded Capt Yoo Si-jin being carried to a hospital ward. An inconsolable Dr Kang Mo-yeon shed tears and so did the fans.

Dead or alive?
Posts on Facebook and Twitter show an a unconscious Yoo Si-jin from the ‘Descendants of the Sun.’

Social media posts were filled with ‘Please don’t die’ messages for actor Song Joong-ki, who plays the protagonist.

Sherry Ann Bagotsay, a member of the Facebook group titled ‘Descendants of the Sun Kdrama Club, lamented: “Director, please don’t kill big boss.”

Sunny Joo, another optimistic fan who consoled Bagotsay commented that Yoo Si-jin is pulling a fast one on Yeon to get a response from her. “He will not die,” Joo posted in his comment.

Song Joong-ki has several doppelgangers on Twitter. Many theories about the war hero were floating on the medium. One in particular said that Yoo Si-jin will die and his ladylove will get into social service for the rest of her life.

Only Thursday’s episode will unravel the truth.

South Korean actor Song Joong-ki is currently trending on Twitter under the hashtags #Yoosijin, #Descendantsofthesun and #KangMoyeon. In fact, the charismatic actor has inspired his own emoji on Twitter.

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