With only one episode left to air, it’s a nail-biting moment for the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ fans. While some are speculating which character will die in the K-drama, others are sharing photo montage and fan-made video clips on social media sites like Facbook, Twitter and Weibo.

A meme on Facebook describes the plight of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ fans.

As always, the episode on Wednesday ended in a cliffhanger moment. Captain Yoo Si Jin is presumed to be dead, but his body is not found on the blast site. Nonetheless, optimistic fans believe that their handsome soldier is alive and well.

“I don’t think he is dead,” says Susmita Dey, a fan from India, who watched the series online with English subtitles. “The last scene shows Dr Kang meeting Yoo Si Jin in Albania, so I am hopeful that he is alive. May be he is severely injured. May be the show will end with the Big Boss suffering from some form of disability and Dr Kang taking care of him. But they are not going to kill him,” she reassured.

The latest episode did have some dream sequences, which delved into the characters’ subconscious. This has left many fans perplexed, as they are not sure whether the concluding scene in Albania,where the SongSong couple meet, is a reality or a dream. For many, it seemed real.

Several avid viewers of the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ do not want the show to end. “Today is the day. Are you ready to say goodbye to the SongSong couple?” was the status message posted by Munhzul Sanjsuren, a fan of DOTS, on Facebook. Many responded with a ‘No’.

A fan of actor Song Joong-ki shares a message.

As the K-drama was trending on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Weibo, the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ helped forge new friendships. Many like-minded fans of DOTS joined Facebook groups. Continuous conversation about their favorite characters and frequent sharing of posts pertaining to the drama brought fans across the world under roof. As a result, there was bonding among the members.

Sunny Joo, a member of Descendants of the Sun Kdrama Club, a Facebook group, in a recent status message, acknowledged and thanked the members. The message read: “Hello DOTS family, I just want you to know that I’m happy. Because of this drama, we made many friends here. Distance was never a hindrance. We come from different parts of the world, but our hearts are one. I hope we’ll continue to bond and share our thoughts not only on DOTS but on other dramas as well.” This status message evoked many Facebook reactions, and most of them were ‘hearts.’

While many were not happy with the show coming to a close, some lighthearted fans on social media went about sharing funny videos and memes of the ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ A spoof video made by SNL Korea brilliantly captured the essence of the military drama. In response, the video received a lot of LOLs and laughter smileys.

YouTube video

They said that apart from the SongSong couple, they will also miss Seo Dae young and  kim Ji Won. “They are like the ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ I love the chemistry they share,” said Donna Lynn, a fan on Facebook.

Fans also expressed that they will miss the fictional war-torn country of Urk.

Fan-made smileys of Song Joong-ki is trending on social media.

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