The obsession with ‘perfect body’ seems to be a never-ending affair with Chinese women.

After the much-touted #A4waist challenge and #iPhone6 legs, another body flaunting hashtag in trending on Weibo, the Chinese social media site. And this time, it is a contest held in association with popular bloggers like Zhang Jingqi Unlimited and ‘Figure Master’ (@体态大师), according to What’s on Weibo.

Chinese women flaunt their work-out regime on Weibo.
Chinese women flaunt their workout selfies on Weibo.

Hashtagged ‘The Big Weight Loss Challenge,’  Weibo’s official workout account ‘Weibo Fit’ (@微薄健身) put up a post encouraging social media users to participate in a healthy weight loss competition in which they can post photographs of their workout activities.

The contest begins on May 6.

As there is still a week left for the official challenge, rather than posting selfies of the workout, some girls are posting photographs of food and drinks. “I just want to enjoy myself today and eat whatever I want. I will start the process of losing weight tomorrow,” said a Weibo user, who is all set for the weight loss challenge.

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