Women in Asia seem to be having a hard time in their workplace. Promoting their achievements and accomplishments seems to be a daunting task, according to Hays 2016 Gender Diversity Report.

Recruiting firm surveyed about 1http://atimes.com/wp-admin/edit.php1,500 people globally. According to the findings, 47% of women feel they can promote themselves in their workplace. Of the 1,183 respondents across Asia, only 38% said they have the opportunity to self-promote.

Of the 1,183 respondents across Asia, only 38% said they have the opportunity to self-promote.

In Asian countries, Malaysian and Chinese women were most comfortable in promoting their accomplishments with 42% saying they felt they are able to showcase their achievements. They were followed by Singapore at 36% and trailing behind were Japanese women at 35%.

“Women in Asia are traditionally more reserved in the workplace, due to cultural preconceptions of a woman’s role in society, and compared to men, are less likely to ask for a pay rise or a promotion” says Christine Wright, MD, Hays Asia.

Women also have differing priorities than men at certain stages of their lives, and many opt to put their career on the back-burner to raise a family.

“Employers have a role to play in fostering the confidence of their female workforce by opening channels of communication for them to promote themselves. Employers also need to ensure that the top jobs in their organization are attractive to women. Women don’t necessarily crave the power that comes with a top job title like men do,” says Wright.

In addition, flexible working practices are considered by Asian respondents in the survey to be the most effective measure in improving gender diversity in the workplace. Employers should take practical measures to encourage more women to continue work even after having children.

The summary of the findings from the report will be presented at the Hays Japan diversity event taking place in June. For a sneak preview, visit the website at https://www.hays.co.jp/en/gender-diversity/index.htm?ver=d

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