Entrepreneurism has become a global habit. Today, everybody wants to change the world. Innovation is on an all-time high. Skipping meals and sleepless nights have become a part of the game. Sadly, all that is left is an exhausted mind who wants to work for the greater good, but does not have the strength nor the ability to.

Luckily, Japanese Ninjas have a solution. Legend has it that these warriors were used by high-ranking Japanese officials for covert operations. This includes espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare.

In order to perform these, a Ninja had to be intelligent, agile and quick on his feet. Just like our modern day startup founder, he had to work long hours and finish the task given to him effectively and efficiently.  Clearly, a unhealthy Ninja with a lot of flab would not have fit the bill. Therefore, these stealthy warriors followed a strict diet regimen.

Rather than eating white bread or white rice, Ninjas consumed a lot of black and brown rice.

Ninjas preferred dark colored food

Japanese Ninjas were finicky about their diet. Rather than eating white bread or white rice, they consumed a lot of black/brown rice, quinoa, barley, black sesame and black beans. Even their beer and pasta were black.

Why? Because they believe that dark colored foods warmed their bodies, while white foods had a cooling effect. Root tubers such as carrots, burdock root, daikon radish, and ginger were on the list, as these improved blood circulation. Warm food also helped in metabolism and overall health.

Ninjas avoided meat

As Ninjas were spies, their diet was tailored to their missions. A Ninja would never eat anything that caused bad breath before their duties. This means no chives, leeks or garlic. Where ninjas lived, deer and wild boars were abundant, but the Ninjas did not eat them. They believed that the meat of animals dulled their senses.

Ninjas, in fact, invented some excellent foods. One such super cuisine is ‘Hyourougan,’ which includes ingredients like non-glutinous rice, fruits of the lotus, yams, fruits of the katsura, Coix, ginsengs, and crystal sugar. This dish has a herbal flavor—particularly that of cinnamon, and the texture is like that of a dumpling. Ninja warriors could be supplied with enough energy and nourishment by eating 30 Hyourougans a day.

Another super food is ‘Suikatsugan.’ Ninjas ate this pill to restrain thirst. If a Ninja ate three suikatsugans a day, he could go on without water for 45 days. Suikatsugan helps in the secretion of saliva. This makes it scientifically possible to go without drinking anything for about half a day. Suikatsugan is made of licorice, Japanese mint, kudzu starch, dried plums, smoked plums, Poria cocos, kasyu and water.

Quail eggs helped Ninjas relax

Quail eggs are a part of a Ninja diet. The nimble warriors believed that quail eggs increased concentration and helped control breathing. The quail eggs also helped them hide from enemies. Ninjas followed a technique called ‘uzura kakure no jutsu’, or the art of concealment like a quail. As the name suggests, a Ninja would attempt to make himself difficult to spot just like a quail egg. Even if the enemy was right in front of him, the Ninja would stay relaxed and motionless like a stone. Concealment like a quail egg was the prime concept behind the ‘four rules of concealment’ of the Ninja.

Ninjas avoided eating meat, dairy and sugars, which would take more energy to process. They instead opted for tofu, vegetables, whole-grain millet, and whole-grain rice. Pine nuts, high in protein, were believed to lend keener sensory perception and helped in the anti-aging process of a Ninja warrior.

Young entrepreneurs today are so lost in in the fast-paced world that they forget to eat or rather end up eating the wrong kind of food. This unhealthy diet is bound to slow down a person. By following the Ninja diet, an entrepreneur can think big and do big.

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