North Korea has gone the whole hog, banning everything in its sight. It’s not just the tourists who are kept on tight rein. Its very own citizens have to submit to the trivial restrictions imposed by its dictator Kim Jong-un.

North Korea now has started cracking down on youngsters with Western looks. It has imposed ban on hair color, body piercing and even tight-fitting clothes and jeans.

North Koreans are fascinated by Western fashion, but the country has banned pony tails and body piercings.

According to Asia Press, a Japanese news service, this initiative is a part of a mass movement, in the run-up to the Seventh Party Congress that will be held on May 7.

“A growing number of North Korean people are infatuated with Western culture,” said Asia Press founder Jiro Ishimaru.

The movement is being organized by the North Korean Youth Union, headed by North Korean teens and youth groups. Volunteers are age 15 or older,” The Telegraph reported.

But this move by North Korea is nothing new. Last July, the country denounced the US, Japan and South Korea. It called these nations the “toxins of capitalism” infiltrating the country.

“We must cast a two-fold, or three-fold mosquito net to keep out the toxins of capitalism,” Pyongyang had said.

According to Donga Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper, coloring of hair, piercings on body parts and wearing jeans belong to Western culture and will not be tolerated by the Korean Workers’ Party.

It has also imposed restriction on women from putting their hair up in a pony tail.

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