With global stock indexes rebounding from their declines in the first two months of the year, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other exchange traded products (ETFs) have seen large increases in net inflows and assets.

The Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) region saw net inflows of $665 million into ETFs and ETPs in March, compared with $2.42 billion in February, according to ETFGI, a London-based independent research firm covering the global ETF/ETP industry.

Year to date through March, total net inflows were $7.10 billion. For March, asset management firm CSOP/China Southern gathered the largest net inflows of $456 million.

Meanwhile, Japan saw net inflows of $4.40 billion in March, down from inflows of $2.48 billion in February. Year to date through March the total is $13.6 billion.

Nomura AM gathered the most in March with $1.92 billion, followed by Daiwa’s $1.03 billion and Mitsubishi UFJ’s $519 million. Year-to-date Nomura AM again took the lead with $7.61 billion in net inflows.

At the end of March, the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) region of the ETF/ETP industry had 824 ETFs/ETPs from 114 providers on 18 exchanges.

Total assets surged 11.4% to $120.83 billion from $108.45 billion in February. Year to date through March, assets were up 3.2%.
The Japanese ETF/ETP industry had 171 ETFs/ETPs from 21 providers on 2 exchanges at the end of March. Total ETF/ETP assets in Japan grew 9.1% from February to $142.78 billion. Year-to-date through the end of March the increase was 4.6%

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