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Doctors have removed more than one thousand ants from 12-year-old Shreya’s ears. But more ants keep coming out and the doctors are clueless about where they come from! It still remains a medical mystery after all sorts of scrutiny. Hailing from Deesa in India, Shreya Darji’s problems began last August. For no apparent reason, her head felt weird. Her parents took her to the hospital and the doctors found ants in her ear canal. At first, the physicians removed a few dead ants and thought that the problem was over. But for the family from the state of Gujarat, in western India, the issue was just beginning. Subsequent trips to the hospital have resulted in doctors removing over one thousand ants from the young girl’s head. Doctors are at a loss to explain where the ants are coming from. MRI and CT scans have all come back normal. An endoscopic camera spotted more dead ants inside, but her ear canals and eardrums are all unharmed. Neither eggs nor a queen ant have been located inside to explain the continued existence of new ants on a daily basis.

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