In a science fiction future, we’ll arrive at the hotel in our driverless taxi, check in at the reception desk staffed by androids then follow the robot porter as it carries our bags to our room, according to CNN.

Except, of course, this is already science fact. Robots are already working in some hotels — the Henn-na Hotel in Sasebo, Japan, is staffed entirely by machines including one, bizarrely, resembling a dinosaur. But that’s just how things roll in high-tech Japan, right?

These robots were a novelty installation in a Japanese Sheraton, but plenty of more practical robots are on the way

Nope, robots are now making an appearance in hotels around the planet — and more are on their way, reported CNN.

In a Marriott hotel in Ghent, Belgium, a diminutive humanoid robot named Mario has been working since June 2015.

He welcomes guests in 19 languages and guards the buffet.

A similar device, this one powered by IBM’s human-mimicking Watson computer, has just taken up a concierge position at a Hilton McLean hotel in Virginia.

Last year, Royal Caribbean installed cocktail-mixing robot bartenders on several of its cruise ships.

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