(From Reuters)

The cyber thieves who stole $81 million from Bangladesh Bank appear to have hid their tracks by manipulating a central bank computer and printer that connect to the SWIFT messaging system to hide evidence of the heist, according to a report filed with local police.

Bangladesh Central Bank building in Dhaka

The report, filed by two central bank officials on Tuesday evening, said that a computer the bank uses to order SWIFT wire transfers was manipulated so that authorities could not see records of outgoing wire transfer requests or receipts confirming that they had been received.

Details about the issues with the computer and printer were among the first clues to surface as to how the attack was carried out.

The computer is supposed to keep those records so they can be easily reviewed by bank staff, according to the report.

The officials saw the first signs that something was off on Feb. 5, when they noticed a glitch with a printer that is set up to automatically print all SWIFT wire transfers. Read more

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