(From Reuters)

A new name unveiled by Japan’s main opposition party and a smaller group with which it is set to merge has come under fire, as analysts warn the rebranding could do more harm than good just months away from a national election.

Japan Innovation Party leader Yorihisa Matsuno, left, and Democratic Party of Japan president Katsuya Okada reach deal to merge their parties in this file photo

Leaders of the two parties announced the new name, Minshinto — provisionally translated as Democratic Innovation Party (DIP) — on Monday based on surveys asking voters to choose between two options.

The bigger Democratic Party of Japan will thus abandon a label under which it has battled Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party for two decades, but which for many voters is associated with a 2009-2012 DPJ reign marked by policy flip-flops and missteps.

Many in the DPJ were chilly toward the new name, written with the same characters as the abbreviation of Taiwan’s incoming ruling party the Democratic Progressive Party, but the smaller Japan Innovation Party had insisted on a change as a condition for merging because of the perceived voter allergy to the old label. Read More

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