(From AP)

North Korea said Saturday its military is ready to pre-emptively attack and “liberate” the South if it sees signs that American and South Korean troops involved in the drills were attempting to invade the North.

U.S. Marines, left, and South Korean Marines, wearing blue headbands on their helmets, take positions after landing on the beach during the joint military combined amphibious exercise called Ssangyong

The declaration from General Staff of the North’s Korean People’s Army (KPA) on state media is the latest outburst over the drills that the U.S. and South Korea say are defensive and routine. At the start of the drills on Monday, the North warned of an indiscriminate “pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice” on Washington and Seoul.

The KPA said it will counter the drills by the United States and South Korea it says are aimed at advancing into Pyongyang with plans to “liberate the whole of South Korea including Seoul” and also that it is capable of executing “ultra-precision blitzkrieg” strikes against enemy targets. Read More

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