You will soon be turning the pages from right to left to solve the cases of Sherlock Holmes.

BBC’s famed Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, was an immediate success when it arrived in Japan. Now, the popular TV series is all set to go manga.

A possible manga cover of Sherlock

The first volume, A Study in Pink, will be available from June 9, and will feature a variety of cover artwork by main comic artist Jay, among others, as a way to entice fans that may have already read fan-translated versions of the original to pick up a copies of the new release.

The manga was first released via Young Ace magazine in Japan, and if you look, fan English translations are all over the internet, reported The Mary Sue.

However, this official series from Titan, which starts by adapting the Sherlock episode “A Study in Pink,” features oversized issues and tons of variant covers featuring the work of various artists to make it worth it.

The fans get to relive the moment when John Watson arrives at 221b Baker Street. Mrs Hudson will also make an appearance in this installment.

“It’s really interesting seeing such a British thing being reinterpreted in Japanese manga,” Titan Comics editor Andrew James, who acquired the manga series for the publisher, told The Guardian. “It’s still dynamic and full of action, but compared to American comics, there’s often a quietness and reflectiveness about manga,” he added.

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