Tails will wag at Singapore’s largest pet exhibition that begins on Friday.

Pet Expo, which will be held at Singapore Expo Hall 7, will see thousands of cats, dogs, and other animals accompanied by their pet parents. Nearly 30,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event, which will have an array of activities for both pets and their owners.

Adoption drive, dog training workshops and seminars by pet experts will be a part of the attraction.

Dog lovers at the Pet Expo held in Singapore last year

The expo will kick off with Temptation Trail Challenge for dogs, an obstacle race with temptations such as treats, toys and food to distract the contestants along the way while their owners wait at the finishing line to try to get them there.

The organizers are also throwing an All-White Pet ‘Pawty,’ in which  many white dogs, cats, rabbits and parakeets will take part.

“As always, there will always be more dog parents than other pets at the expo. The number of pets being brought by owners to the show has definitely grown. When we started the show in 2014, pet owners brought just over 3,000 pets. Last year, that number more than doubled to 6,862 pets. This year, we anticipate 10,000 pets to be brought for a day out at the Pet Expo,” said Ng.

The expo will advocate a policy of adoption of strays, in association with the Agri-Veterinary Authority (AVA) and different dog rescue organizations in Singapore. This time, AVA will work with 12 partners: Exclusively Mongrels and Mercy Light Ltd, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), Cat Welfare Society, House Rabbit Society of Singapore, Animal Lovers’ League, Voices for Animals, Action for Singapore Dogs, Causes for Animals Singapore, Noah’s Ark Cares and Agency for Animal Welfare Singapore.

AVA will host ‘The Pawfect Match,’ in which potential owners will have 10 minutes to get up close and personal with their doggie ‘dates’ and at least 30 animals (including dogs, cats, and rabbits) will be up for adoption.

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy’s seminar

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, who hosts ‘My Cat From Hell,’ a popular show on Animal Planet, will conduct a seminar for the first time in Singapore for cat owners and cat lovers.

Masterclass conference for pet owners

Nine lecturers and veterinarians from different fields will educate pet owners on therapies and rehabilitation for sick animals. The therapies will include physiotherapy, massage and hydrotherapy, and the use of traditional Chinese medicine, such as veterinary acupuncture.

Birds of a different feather

Fidz N Fam Bird Club, which has about 400 members, will showcase more than 100 birds at the show. They will give a talk on birds and release six birds indoors at the show. Jurong Bird Park will host a seminar on bird care.

According to EuroMonitor, the pet population in Singapore is projected to grow to 824,300 this year, and this means there is a greater need for pet-related products. Pet food sales in Singapore have been forecast to grow in value from S$94.3m in 2015 to S$97.9m in 2017. Dog and cat food sales alone are projected to grow from S$80.9m to S$84.4m during this period. The value of the pet care market has also been forecast to rise from S$117m in 2015 to S$121.3m in 2017.

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