Japan recently unveiled its wackiest hotel in town, and this one is for the art lovers by the art lovers.

In an attempt to empower local artists, BnA Hotel Koenji in Tokyo has given its interiors a colorful, contemporary spin. The hotel has used designs made by local artists, who otherwise are in dire straits, as Japan, unlike the West, has less number of art galleries.

This concept is a win-win, as the hotel becomes a platform for artists and the art-loving guests to interact with one another and also conduct business.  Besides, the artists also receive a fair share of the profits from each room booking.

BnA’s objective is to offer a ‘staying in an art piece’ experience. By the looks of it, they seem to have succeeded. At present, the hotel has sought the creative service of two artists: Yohei Takahashi and Ryuichi Ogino.

Yohei specializes in animal art on walls. His free-flowing brush strokes create magic, depicting vivid and lively animals.

Ryuichi, on the other hand, is known for his ‘out-of-context mash-up’ triptychs. His art primarily relates to the hyper-consumerism in Tokyo.


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