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The Hong Kong government has threatened to “take action” against a new independence party and China slammed the group, which said on Thursday it had been blocked from registering for political reasons.

Convenor of the Hong Kong National Party Chan Ho-tin
Convenor of the Hong Kong National Party Chan Ho-tin

The Hong Kong National Party, made up of 30-50 students and young professionals, launched Monday saying it is tapping in to the semi-autonomous city’s increasing desire to break away from the mainland.

There have been growing calls for independence from Hong Kong’s youth over fears Beijing is seeking to curb freedoms in the city.

The Hong Kong government said advocating independence was against the city’s mini-constitution and would “undermine the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong”.

“The SAR government will take action according to the law,” it said in a statement late Wednesday. Officials said they had “no further comment” on what that might entail. Read More

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