Anti-Trump protesters clash with police at Utah rally
Video clips capturing the shoving match between slogan-shouting protesters and police officers in riot gear just outside the Donald Trump rally in Salt Lake City Friday night have surfaced. In the video, the protesters can be heard shouting “Trump Stinks!” In another clip, protesters appear to tear down a security tent and can be heard yelling “Shut it down!” FOX 13 received a report of rocks being thrown at people exiting the Infinity Event Center, where Trump made his first appearance in Salt Lake City this campaign season.
Recent outbreaks of violence during protests at his rallies have prompted criticism of the billionaire from Democrats and Republicans. Trump said he had more supporters than opponents at the rally and he would not let his campaign be “stifled”.
Trump, who has won 678 delegates so far, has continued to score victories in the state-by-state nominating process as Republicans have failed to unite behind rival candidates Ted Cruz or John Kasich.

Meanwhile, reports said that the police pepper sprayed protesters outside Donald Trump’s rally in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday as two people were arrested for refusing to follow the law. Authorities say they used pepper spray twice outside of the GOP front-runner’s event at The Midland Theatre. Meanwhile the billionaire businessman urged police to arrest protesters, stating that he would start pressing charges against those individuals who interrupted his speeches.

Protesters against the Republican presidential front-runner also reportedly blocked off a main road leading to a Trump rally in Arizona, prompting arguments between protesters and the people stuck behind the blockade in their cars. Puente Arizona, an immigrant rights group, said via Twitter Saturday it had shut down a section of Shea Boulevard in Arizona near Eagle Mountain Street. Trucks could be seen blocking off the multiple-lane road, draped with banners reading “Dump Trump” and “Shut Down Trump.”

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