(From Reuters)

A solar eclipse enthralled Indonesia on Wednesday but clouds over some parts of archipelago spoiled the view for many of the sky-watchers who had the opportunity to see it in totality.

The sun is reflected in a pair of sunglasses worn during a solar eclipse in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

In Palembang city on the western island of Sumatra, where the total eclipse should have been visible, cloudy skies and smog obscured the view for thousands of people who gathered outside shortly after daybreak.

“It was very annoying that we couldn’t see the sun properly,” said David Pratama, 18, as jeers of disappointment rose up in the crowd around him as the moon moved across the sun.

A partial eclipse of the sun was visible to millions in Australia, parts of Southeast Asia and the Pacific, but only people in a small band of Indonesia had the opportunity to see the moon perfectly silhouetted by the sun.

In the capital, Jakarta, hundreds of residents and schoolchildren flocked to city’s planetarium where special viewing glasses were handed out to see the partial eclipse.

“We are very excited because it’s our first time seeing something like this,” said Santi who brought along her five-year old daughter to watch as the eclipse briefly dimmed the skies. Read More

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