(From Al Jazeera)

A new law that makes domestic abuse a crime has come into effect in China.

Reporting abuse is still rare in China, especially in the countryside

It is hoped the legislation will encourage more victims to take their abusers to court in a country where violence at home is still widely regarded as a private matter.

The All-China Women’s Federation estimates that nearly 25% of married women in China have experienced domestic violence. But the real figure is probably much higher, because reporting abuse is still rare, especially in the countryside.

“From today, victims of domestic abuse will be able to go to court to seek a restraining order that could force the abuser to move out of the home. A judge will have 72 hours to make a ruling,” Al Jazeera’s China correspondent Adrian Brown reported.

“But critics say the legislation still doesn’t go far enough, since it fails to outlaw marital rape and doesn’t place enough emphasis on health and social services.”

The new law “prohibits all forms of domestic violence”, which it defines as: “Physical, psychological and other harm inflicted by family members, including beating, restraint, injury or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, recurring verbal threats and abuse”, according to Chinese state media. Read More

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