For all you people that will never get to climb Mt. Everest in your lifetime, you may be able to go under it.

China is currently in talks with Nepal about the possibility of building a railway between the two nations, according to Reuters. In addition, China agreed to study the feasibility of a free trade agreement with the impoverished, landlocked country.

A year ago, talk of such a railroad promoted the idea of building a tunnel the world’s tallest mountain.

Mt. Everest
Mt. Everest

Nepali Prime Minister K.P. Oli met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Monday in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. Oli said he had “come to China with a special mission” when it came to strengthening relations, but did not elaborate in front of reporters, said Reuters.

At the meeting, Oli raised the possibility of two rail lines, one connecting three of Nepal’s most important cities and two other crossing the border from China into Nepal, Hou Yanqi, deputy head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Asia Division, told Reuters.

Hou said the government would encourage Chinese firms to look at the internal rail plan, and that China was already planning to extend the railway from the Tibetan city of Shigatse to Gyirong on the Nepal border.

“Of course, a further extension from Gyirong is an even longer-term plan. It’s up to geographic and technical conditions, financing ability. We believe that far in the future the two will countries be connected by rail,” she said.

The two countries signed a total of 10 agreements. In addition to the feasibility plan for a free trade agreement. The agreements include a concessional loan for a new airport in Nepal’s Pokhara and a feasibility study for oil and gas survey projects.

No details were given.

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