Iran is about to take delivery of the first batch of subway cars made by China’s biggest train manufacturer.

The CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles, a subsidiary of the Railway Rolling Stock, on Wednesday said the subway cars developed for Iran have officially rolled off the assembly line in Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, according to the China News Service.

Chinese subway cars developed for Iran.(CNS Photo)

The subway trains are headed for Mashhad, Iran’s holiest and second-biggest city. The order for 100 vehicles will include some carriages reserved for women only.

Some of the subway cars will be produced by Tehran Wagon Manufacturing, a joint venture between Iran and the CNR. The exterior of the train cars will be decorated with the color turquoise to represent the turquoise that abounds in Mashhad.

Earlier light rail trains developed by the CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles have been running for six years already, providing very good service for the city’s public transport, said Mohammad Mahdi Baradan, deputy mayor of Mashhad.

CNR has produced 2,000 vehicles for Iran since 1995, including subway cars, light rail trains and passenger trains. In December 2015, the company, along with NORINCO International, signed a 9-billion-yuan contract with Tehran, involving 1,008 subways cars.

Carriages reserved for women only.(CNS Photo)

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