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Quite literally, these children cheat death and cling onto their lives on a daily-basis to reach their schools. In the Benighat district of central Nepal, cables are hung across the Trishuli river, which not only serve as a lifeline for the villagers but also could be fatal for children who have to cross the river by the cable to reach their school, which is also called as the world’s most dangerous school run.

Not just children, but people use the cables to pull themselves over the churning waters to reach work, go shopping and meet relatives. These cables have become a major concern following a tragedy in 2010, in which five fell to their deaths.

The country’s rugged mountainous terrain and scattered settlements mean that construction of bridges and roads is often extremely expensive and challenging. But pressure for footbridges to be erected has grown since a 2010 tragedy when five people died when the basket carrying them plunged into  Trishuli. Several others have suffered injuries, including lost fingers, as they have operated the cables.

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