Asian Americans, especially those of Chinese origin, are shocked and frustrated over the guilty verdict for rookie NYPD cop Peter Liang in a manslaughter trial on Feb. 11, The New York Times reports.

NYPD Officer Peter Liang shaken as his guilty verdict was read in Brooklyn Supreme Court  Feb 11

They view it as another example of racial bias against a marginalized community which does not usually speak up and is ill-equipped to fight back.

Asian-Americans in Manhattan’s Chinatown and in Sunset Park, Brooklyn assailed the verdict. A protest is planned over the court ruling on Sunday.

Liang may face up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced on April 14.

Liang and partner Shaun Landau were on a vertical patrol in the Pink Houses in Brooklyn on Nov. 20, 2014, when Liang fired a single shot at a suspicious subject in the darkened stairwell. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and hit an innocent and unarmed Akai Gurley who was coming down the stairs as the elevator was not working.

Joseph Lin, a real estate agent and activist who is organizing Sunday’s protest, is frustrated over the passivity and indifference of Asian-American officials and community leaders.

They don’t want to be troubled or bothered, he says adding a group without a political voice will always be at the receiving end.

“If he’s a black officer, I guarantee you Al Sharpton will come out. If he’s Hispanic, all the congressmen will come out. But no, he’s a Chinese, so no one is coming out,” he said. Read More

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