(From Reuters)

The perpetrators of the 2014 cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment were not activists or disgruntled employees, and likely had attacked other targets in China, India, Japan and Taiwan, according to a coalition of security companies that jointly investigated the Sony case for more than a year.

The coalition, organized by security analytics company Novetta, concluded in a report released on Wednesday that the hackers were government-backed but it stopped short of endorsing the official U.S. view that North Korea was to blame.

Scene from “The Interview”

The Obama administration has tied the attack on Sony Corp’s (6758.T) film studio to its release of “The Interview,” a comedy that depicted the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Novetta said the breach “was not the work of insiders or hacktivists.”

“This is very much supportive of the theory that this is nation-state,” Novetta Chief Executive Peter LaMontagne told Reuters. “This group was more active, going farther back, and had greater capabilities and reach than we thought.” Read more

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