(From AFP)

Japanese police on Wednesday said its special unit that deals with alleged espionage arrested an ethnic Korean resident on suspicion of fraud — as local media reported he was acting as a spy for North Korea.

Pyongyang admitted in 2002 that it had kidnapped 13 Japanese in the 1970s and 1980s to train its spies in Japanese language and customs

The 49-year-old Pak Chae-Hun,  a former associate professor at the pro-Pyongyang Korea University in Tokyo, was engaged in espionage activities aimed at spreading North Korean ideology in South Korea and China, Kyodo reported.

He is suspected of having purchased six computer equipment items online, the report said, adding that police found written instructions and encrypted e-mail messages from North Korea’s spy agency on his confiscated computer.

Other local media said Pak was active in South Korea from around 2000 when he was recruited by Pyongyang’s intelligence agency known as “Bureau 225”. Read More

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