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After half a dozen of years of hard work, the Buddha-pear farmer Gao Xianzhang has mastered the art of producing fruits with what he would call the pear-fect shape and it is a big hit now. His friends were not-so optimistic about the then weird-looking fruits he produced at the start but Xianzhang had no doubts about his future and his is a success story today. Xianzhang, at this time, is reaping quite a bounty. His process of developing Buddha-shaped pears involves placing a young pear in a plastic mould and then removing the casing once the fruit has taken the impression from it. He has developed two additional faces for his fruit and populations in China and Vietnam are buying them. For those interested in trying the fruit that has a shelf life of up to three months, visit Taobao and Alibaba that are selling the baby pear variety. Prices range from $5 for a set of two up to $13 for a one pound bag.

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