(Philippine Star)

Where the monkeys have tails longer than their bodies. Where the pigs are as large as cows. And — when the season calls for it — where the jellyfish are as big as bilaos.

No, my three female readers, I did not visit Congress. I visited El Nido, Palawan.

El Nido is located in the northern tip of the Philippines’ island province of Palawan (but don’t let the distance deceive you. To get to our resort, Lagen, it took us an hour by plane and roughly 30 minutes by boat. Take that, EDSA traffic on a payday weekend!) Northern Palawan is home to over 900 fish species, over 100 bird species and a great variety of marine mammals, reptiles and invertebrates (but none of those invertebrates can be found in Congress).

As our boat coasted across the waters of Bacuit Bay en route to our weekend getaway, the first thing that overwhelmed me was the towering limestone islets and islands (there are about 45 of them) that emerged from the sea. And as I took in these natural art pieces that were sculpted out of water, wind and sand, I wondered: How did patches of dense foliage grow on these stone formations? Read More

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