(From Reuters)

Iran has removed the sensitive core of its Arak nuclear reactor and U.N. inspectors are due to visit the site to verify the move crucial to the implementation of Tehran’s atomic agreement with major powers, state television said on Thursday.

The Arak heavy-water project located 190 km southwest of Tehran

Removal of the core from the Arak reactor will largely eliminate its ability to yield nuclear bomb-grade plutonium, and was one of the toughest issues to resolve in the long nuclear negotiations with the six powers.

“The core vessel of the Arak reactor has been removed … and IAEA inspectors will visit the site to verify it and report it to the IAEA … We are ready for the implementation day of the deal,” spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Behrouz Kamalvandi said.

Kamalvandi said “Implementation Day,” when Iran will start to get relief from international sanctions in exchange for curtailing its nuclear program under the July 2015 agreement, would come “very soon”. Read More

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